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All of our massages begin with a consultation to ensure the proper massage is chosen for your personal needs. All massages include Aromatherapy of your choice to relieve emotional and physical stress, enhance energy levels or promote relaxation. Hot towels and post-treatment instructions finish off your experience. Relax and enjoy, you deserve it!


  • services-massage2

    Swedish Massage

    A relaxing massage using smooth gliding strokes and gentle kneading to mantain soft muscles and tissue, incresing circulation and eliminating toxins.

    • $4530 minutes
    • $8060 minutes
    • $11090 minutes

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    Deep Tissue Massage

    A therapeutic massage using glow strokes and firm deep pressure to relieve tight overworked muscles, tissues and restore flexibility. Excellent for knots, chronic tightness and emotional tension.

    • $9560 minutes
    • $125120 minutes

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    Lavender Signature Massage

    This massage incorporates the best of all worlds. It is a customized massage for you and your needs using both Swedish and Deep Tissue methods to deliver the ultimate results.

    • $5030 minutes
    • $9060 minutes
    • $12090 minutes

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    Pre & Post Natal Massage

    A soothing massage to calm the body providing temporary relief from back pain, leg cramps and fatigue. Focusing on circulation, relaxation and confort.

    • $4530 minutes
    • $9060 minutes
    • $11590 minutes

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    A natural healing based on the principle of applying pressure. Reflexology is believed to relieve tension, improve circulation, promote energy, balance the nervous system and release chemical such as endorphins that reduce stress and pain. Appeals to reflexes in hands and feet.

    • $3515 minutes
    • $5530 minutes

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    Trigger Point Therapy

    Trigger Points are identified by examining signs, symptoms and pain patterns. Direct pressure is then applied to those identified trigger sites to relieve hyper sensitive knots, chronic pain overload, distress muscle imbalances.

    • $4015 minutes
    • $6030 minutes

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